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Visa Requirements

There have been a number of conflicting reports about obtaining a tourist visa for Uganda on-line before travel.  The good news is that, according to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, visitors to Uganda DO NOT need to apply online before arrival.  There is a plan to make this compulsory and you can go to their website to do so but there is no date confirmed as to when this will become compulsory. Some travellers have said that the queue at the airport is shorter if you have already registered on-line. Some have said it was longer! In more good news, the price of a single entry tourist visa has been cut in half!  It is now… read more

EBOLA Information

Will The Ebola Outbreak in West Africa Effect My Safari in Uganda? The Ebola outbreak in West Africa has dominated headlines globally over the past few months but how concerned should people be about contracting the virus at home or when visiting other countries in Africa? Well, the first thing to know is that Ebola is incredibly difficult to contract even from an infected person.  It is not like a cold or flu or measles or many other viruses.  It requires direct contact with an infected person or cadaver and an exchange of bodily fluids or direct contact with raw ‘bushmeat’ in the form of other primates or fruit bats.  This means that for the average person even if they were to travel to the affected countries it would be very unlikely that they would contract the virus.  That said it is probably not the ideal time to travel to Guinea, Liberia or Sierra Leone.  In the case of countries that have had only a few confirmed cases of Ebola such as Nigeria, Mali, the USA and Spain it is not necessary to alter travel plans.  In the case of countries which have not had any cases of the virus it clearly follows that there is no need whatsoever to even consider delaying that trip of a lifetime due to Ebola.  This includes all of East and Southern Africa. Could Ebola spread to these areas? As we have seen with cases in the USA and Europe no disease respects international boundaries, but it must be remembered that Africa is HUGE-big enough to fit China, India, Europe, the USA and… read more