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A Bit About Our Safaris


With the experience we have gained over the years we have chosen for you what we believe is the best way to see Uganda at the best prices be it budget, mid-range or top-end options.  We live here so we have an intimate knowledge of the parks, campsites and lodges that enables us to be absolutely up to date on which places are great value and which survive only on their reputation.

Our dedicated safari planners can design the perfect safari experience for you or you can join one of our short budget trips.  Our team of qualified driver/guides are employed directly by Buffalo Safari Camps, meaning that we can be sure that they perform to the high standards we expect.  This includes guiding skills of course, but also defensive driving courses at Uganda’s premier 4×4 training school.  If you opt for a camping safari you can be sure that our camping equipment is of the very highest standard in quality and comfort and unique to Uganda. Our safari fleet of 4×4 vehicles is owned directly and maintained to the highest level possible by our own staff, so whether it’s a budget trip in one of our Toyota Hiaces or a luxury trip in a Landcruiser or Landrover you can be sure of the very highest service levels from our friendly and experienced team.


Here For the Long Haul

At Buffalo Safari Camps we all believe passionately about investing in the future.  Of course, as a business we invest in our assets and maintain them in order to provide our clients with a safe, clean and comfortable experience with us.  More than that though, we invest in our team of wonderful people.  Naturally we look after their financial and social needs as best we can, but we also look to develop their professional capacities too.  We helped Ronald financially and through a flexible approach to work to complete his Masters in Public Administration.  Our two staff drivers, Emma and Rogers, have attended various recognised guiding skills courses as well as the renowned “On Course” 4×4 driving courses.   David “Prudi” has been supported through his senior school and catering training studies by Buffalo Safari Camps and now provides his delicious meals on our camping safaris.  We see this as a virtuous circle whereby our staff benefit and are happy in their work, which creates a happy environment for our clients and, when our clients are happy our business moves forward.

We are acutely aware that there is a big world outside our little world; after all, it’s where we take our clients.  We like to do our bit to help here too.  In addition to our annual membership as a supporter of Uganda Conservation Foundation we also make a donation of $5 for every client we take on safari.  Never has the threat to Africa’s wilderness and wild creatures been greater than it is today and it is in everyone’s interest to conserve what remains. Here in Uganda tourism plays the major role in that and the support of UCF and their projects from the tourism industry is key.  Less formally, Buffalo Safari Camps has supported Soft Power Education’s “People and Parks” conservation programme around Murchison Falls National Park, East African Playgrounds building programmes in Uganda and we take an active involvement in our trade organisation, the Association of Uganda Tour Operators as well as supporting the development of the country as a whole through the prompt payment of our taxes.

Why We Do What We Do

It started with an idea: let’s go to Kidepo Valley National Park. A  borrowed Landrover, the recruitment of a few mates and a selection of odd tents with missing pegs and we were off. What we discovered was magical. At the time we lived in Murchison Falls National Park, which we loved, and still do, but Kidepo was special: just awe inspiring, stunning beauty and the feeling of exclusive wilderness.

We were sold and we know you will be too, but back then we struggled to find a tour company to take us because of the poor roads and a lack of decent, affordable accommodation. Basically go it alone or fly in.

A lot of work has been done to bring the roads up to a good, all weather standard (sshh, don’t tell everyone!) and in our 4×4 vehicles we carry with us our own tented camp, kitchen and cook with us. We can do the same at Murchison, Bwindi and Queen Elizabeth or if you prefer, we can take you to the best lodges they have to offer. Buffalo Safari Camps was born out of a love of these places and our own experiences working and living in them.

We want to take you there because we want to go there ourselves!